The Wild Honey Pie premieres Echo Courts newest track “Bloodstream”


Take a look what they had to say about Echo Court’s latest psych-pop single over at The Wild Honey Pie:

“The distorted sounds of the fuzz guitar in this track highlight the psychedelic part of this group’s dynamic, and the harmonies of their vocal tones help define the pop part of their identity.” Melissa Hersh, The Wild Honey Pie

Grace Vonderkuhn has video “Nowhere To Go” premiere on Exclaim!

Grace Vonderkuhn

Grace Vonderkuhn recently got some nice press from the folks over at Exclaim! for her video for track “Nowhere To Go” from her self-titled EP:

“the track…showcases her unique blend of garage, glam, psych, punk and classic rock, with the video reflecting some of those psychedelic vibes as well.” – Sarah Murphy, Exclaim!