Matthew Squires Releases New Video “The Giving” via Surviving the Golden Age

MatthewSquiresandTheLearningDisorders4 - bySarahMillender

Check Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders’ new video for his latest single “The Giving”, which just premiered over at Surviving the Golden Age.

Produced by Patrick Nichols, the video follows a photographer as he makes his way through essentially a modern ghost town. Exploring abandoned gas stations and upholstery shops, the video mirrors Matthew Squires’ forlorn acoustic guitar and melancholic lyrics.” -Adam Morgan, Surviving the Golden Age

ZOO Releases Newest Track “Bobby” to the World via Consequence of Sound

Zoo - Press photo1 copy

Consequence of Sound recently had some very nice things to say about the new single from Cincinnati, OH-based experimental-pop artist ZOO’s new track, “Bobby”:

“Encompassing sounds of dream pop, lo-fi, and art rock, the new track plays out like a marrying of St. Vincent and Youth Lagoon — quirky, experimental, and full of various elements and noises that in theory shouldn’t make sense when paired up, yet somehow actually do.” Michelle Geslani, Consequence of Sound

Sun Cut Flat Lavish Our Ears with Premiere of “Lil’ Yamaha” via Poule d’Or

Sun Cut Flat - press photo 2 copy

Take a look at what they had to say about indie-pop duo Sun Cut Flat’s newest track over at Poule d’Or:

The duo plays one of the finest pop sounds you will hear all year: a bit of indie vibes, a lot of almost funk like grooves and a distinct tropical stream to it as well.” Poule d’Or

Cathedral Pearls Premiere New Track “Etchings” with The Wild Honey Pie

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The folks over at The Wild Honey Pie just premiered the new single by Cathedral Pearls, and they had some very nice things to say about it.

“Etchings, out August 21, is a master course in building tension and playing on sonic dynamics, capturing the time and patience that went into its creation.“Lauren McKinney, The Wild Honey Pie