Futurecop! Shares New Single “Lost Love” Via GoldFlakePaint

Futurecop!Manchester duo Futurecop! shared their latest single on GoldFlakePaint, the gorgeous, pulsating “Lost Love” featuring vocals from Jamie Leffler of DWNTWN.

“Futurecop!’s latest effort seems more mature and defined, without leaving out its love for VHS and all things 80’s. The whole thing creates a sound perfect for the Summer.” Check out the post HERE!

Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers is due out sometime this summer.

Awning’s “Mistaken Tendency” Premieres on Impose/Bandcamp Weekly Show


The handsome New York, NY duo have premiered a new track on Impose today.  Read what Impose thinks of “Mistaken Tendency” as well as a brief interview with the band HERE.  The track was also featured in this week’s Bandcamp Weekly show along with a ton of other great tracks.  Head over to Bandcamp and stream the entire show.  You can also stream “Mistaken Tendency” below…

Introducing: Camille Corazon

“XXVII” SoundCloud Link – https://soundcloud.com/camillecorazon/xxvii

New York-based artist, Camille Corazón, introduces her single, “XXVII,” the first official release as a solo artist. Originally a song idea (to honor those in the “27 Club”) presented by writer/producer, 1984, aka Mat Sherman,  Camille has developed the track by writing and self-producing while enlisting sound shaper, Cristiano Nicolini, for the final mix. The end result is a beautifully haunting rendition of Downtempo Chillstep that manages to evoke powerful emotion from distinct vocals. This music acts not to comfort any pain or sadness, but as an anthem of the disembodied mind and beauty of resilience.

From there arrived the distinct image, stunning vocals, ardent eccentricity, and unprecedented creation of Camille Corazón. For the last two years, the young American garnered a considerable amount of attention as an independent artist. Without having to make an official music release, she managed to seduce the eyes and ears of successful left-field audiences and tastemakers across the globe, most notably in New York, Mexico City, and Paris. She became a temporary fixture of untested greatness, a friendly ghost worth living. The time she spent stringing fans along ought to prove itself exonerated.

“XXVII” is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, GooglePlay, as well as Spotify.

“XXVII” – Single



Official Site


Double Duchess Releases “Nocturnal” Video

Watch Double Duchess Video HERE!
Directed by Kelly Lovemonster

With big beats and playful narratives, San Francisco’s Double Duchess transcends genres and genders through its live experience and high-energy delivery. Krylon Superstar’s mesmerizing voice and performance art genius, coupled with davO’s emceeing and production deftness, delivers a raw and campy electronic sound. Double Duchess‘ musical influences include Baltimore club, booty breaks, and ballroom house, all wrapped in a world of couture fashion.

Together they’ve been heating up the national queer scene since the release of their debut EP ‘Hey Girl!’ in March 2012. After their second video for ‘Bucket Betch’ was released, mountains of local buzz, followed by some national recognition, escalated their touring schedule. Along with being featured at some of the best queer parties in the US, they’d shared bills with similar acts like, Big Freedia, Le1f,  Penguin Prison, Bonde de Role, and more. Official Pride Festivals in Seattle, Palm Springs, and Austin has celebrated the duo’s success, as well as the 2013 SXSW festival and 2012 Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco.

In April 2013 they released the single and arresting video ‘Deviant’ which introduces a glimpse of a semi-darker, heavily refined, but still raw sound. After a smattering of live performances in Summer and Fall of 2013, the duo finished out the year in the studio, collaborating with artists Nicky da B, TT the Artist, and Big Dipper, to complete a fully developed new batch of material to release the EP “Nocturnal” and full-length album, all in 2014.


1. Nocturnal
2. Pop Off!
3. A Boy // A GirlNocturnal
4. Loosie (produced by .Rar Kelly & Lemz)
5. Top Bitch (featuring DDM, Big Dipper, & MicahTron)

Official Site

Introducing: Samuel Cooper, Album Out Now

“Faucet” SoundCloud Link – https://soundcloud.com/mushrecords/samuel-cooper-faucet

“Treehouse” SoundCloud Link – https://soundcloud.com/mushrecords/samuel-cooper-treehouse

Samuel Cooper is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and video artist that previously led the indie-pop duo Sunglasses. After releasing a self-titled EP for Lefse in 2011 and the full-length, Wildlife for Mush in 2012, Sunglasses had run its course. As the songwriter, vocalist, and driving force behind the group, striking out on his own was the natural next step. Having such complete command of every step of the art creation process is impressive. Everything you hear from songwriting to recording, and mixing, and everything you see from artwork to video concepts and execution has the artist’s unique vision stamped on it. With influences from classic 60s pop to millennial washed out psychedelics, Samuel Cooper has fully invested in art that is waiting to be noticed on its own terms.

Treehouse is the solo debut from Samuel Cooper, the driving force behind the pop-loving, genre-splitting indie duo, Sunglasses. With eleven-tracks clocking in at over fifty-four minutes, the recording of the album was a substantial undertaking. With songwriting and production that is equal parts Brian Wilson and the Flaming Lips, Treehouse is graced with infectious melodies, layered orchestration, heartbroken yet hopeful lyrics, and a formidable level of experimentation. The album has many standout moments including the 60s pop melodies of both the title track and “Days Are Numbered“, the joyous shuffle of “Bread“, and the wonderfully romantic harmonies on album-opener, “Faucet“. With Treehouse, Samuel Cooper shows that there is indeed a promising solo life to built on the successes of his group, Sunglasses.

Treehouse1. Faucet
2. Days Are Numbered
3. Treehouse
4. Friday Night
5. Poolhouse (No Bones)
6. Be To Do
7. Chloe’s Eyes
8. No More Me
9. Bread
10. Bitter End
11. Aw Shucks

Mush Records

Introducing: Macajey, EP Out Now

Macajey was started in April 2013 with a basement gig in Tartu, Estonia for an art exhibition called Papergirl.  Coming back to California in the summer lead to gigs around the Bay Area including playing at 1015 Folsom and Submission in San Francisco and Streetlight Records and The Blank Club in San Jose in early 2014.

Having been involved in different projects as a guitar player, recording and mixing engineer,Jeremy Macachor created ‘Macajey’ as an outlet for music to be played in clubs that works just as well on a chilled out sunday morning.

Jeremy explains: “The hardest part was finding the gear needed to be able to play this project live since I’ve never played my own music out before and was mostly just a guitar player in bands.  But I stumbled across a world I never knew existed with all these midi controllers and drum pads.  It was tricky at first but I finally learned enough about the gear and watching people like Gold Panda, Four Tet, Slow Magic really helped open my mind as to what’s possible with electronic music.”

The downtempo Night Sight EP was dropped last September and the electronica/chill-outWater EP is out now!

Check out the video for “Water (Featuring Elle Leatham)” that was shot in San Francisco here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5qkDEMwiSY

Water EP
Release Date: February 28, 2014
Order here: http://macajey.bandcamp.com/

1. Water feat. Elle Leatham
2. Movin’ On
3. July
4. Sparks
5. Thought Bubbles


Stereogum Premieres Curtin’s Latest Single, “Better Ride”


Stereogum premiered the latest single from Chicago duo Curtin, which features Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen on keys. “You might say “Better Ride” sounds like a ghost being born — a somber slow-glide that eventually descends from sad-eyed alt-country into gorgeous digital static.” Read the full post here.

Curtin’s upcoming album One for the Doghearted is due this summer.

Introducing: Royal Shoals // “Com et Dius” Premieres on Impose!

Royal Shoals Pic
In 2013, Philadelphia’s Royal Shoals paddled out onto a loch and rode the wake of British post-punk back to shore. To be sure, the waves of their jangly and harmonic predecessors still feed the sound on their latest efforts, but now the waves are swiftly breaking upon the East Coast of the US. This sound is driving home from the Jersey Shore with kinetic urgency and somewhere along the trip the crashing of ocean waves gives way and blends with the rhythms of the El, of electricity, and of waves of every sort. In 2014 the Shoals (made up of former members of The Ropers [Teen Beat], Saturday People [Slumberland] and Public Records) will emerge from their annual studio retreat (with sound counselor and fellow traveler, Jeff Ziegler – Wars on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing) and will present five more songs on their upcoming EP (self-titled, 3rd release).
he band did a short interview with Impose that’s up now!  Learn a little bit more about the band and the recording of the EP here.  Stream “Com et Dius” below….

The Deli Premieres Quickly Quietly’s “Daily Echo”


Lautaro, Paul and Aaron started playing music together in 2011. By the end of the year, Quickly Quietly was born and the group’s first EP, Seven, was released. Upon moving to New York City from Argentina Greg joined the group in late 2013. February 2014, Quickly Quietly released their second EP, Falling Beams.
The Quickly Quietly ethos is one based on song, texture, rhythm, and electricity. Quickly Quietly’s uncharacteristic genre of music attracts a variety of listeners to their live shows who won’t be disappointed by a stellar performance. With Lautaro on drums and samples, Paul on bass and keys, Greg on Moog synth and bass and Aaron on guitar and vocals, each member showcases his musicality on two distinct instruments bringing an element of mystery and surprise to every song.
  Read more about the band and their upcoming dates in NYC over at The Deli.  Stream “Daily Echo” below.