The Ultimate Guide to CBD Flower – The CBD Consumption Method

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Though there is a lot of confusion about CBD flower as it smells and looks like a weed, the reality is that it is different from cannabis. Marijuana flower is cultivated for a high amount of THC while Cannabidiol flower is grown to get maximum CBD from it. Hemp growers use the same techniques as cannabis farmers to get the highest-quality buds which offer an opportunity to consume cannabidiol in an all-natural form without any processing or additives. You can smoke it by rolling them into joints or using ready-made CBD pre-rolls available from reputed brands at various places.

There are many other benefits of using cannabidiol flower. It offers high bioavailability as compared to any other CBD delivery method and the effects can be felt immediately. Moreover, hemp flower contains less than 0.3 percent THC, making it legal for sale and use in most states.

Advantages of Cannabidiol Flower

As CBD is absorbed faster and better through inhalation than any other method, smoking CBD flower is highly efficient. Let us see how.

Smoking Cannabidiol Flower Absorbs Instantly

When consumed orally, cannabidiol goes through the digestion process before passing to the liver where it is broken down to be passed to other parts of the body. Due to this poor bioavailability, a lot of users prefer taking tinctures sublingually by placing under the tongue for faster absorption into the bloodstream. However, inhaling CBD is much more efficient and faster than all these methods as it gets directly absorbed by the lungs without going to the stomach. Studies have found that the bioavailability of CBD is the highest through smoking or vaping.

It Allows Consuming Huge Amounts

Not only is smoking the most efficient and fastest way to consume CBD but it also allows taking a large dose in one go. Many pre-rolls and joints contain up to 150mg of the compound per gram as compared to 10-25mg contained in CBD edibles. This is why smoking Cannabidiol flower is often preferred by serious consumers who want to take high doses for health and wellness benefits.

It is Unprocessed

Cannabidiol needs to be extracted from the hemp to make any product including tinctures and oils. This is done using various methods and some of these are better than others. When you buy these products, you should check the third-party lab test results to determine which method was used and ensure safety. Other products like vape juices contain additional ingredients like propylene glycol. With cannabidiol flower, this is not a concern because it involves no processing, no extraction and no additives. It is a pure form of the herb available in raw form to let you experience the original flavor and taste.

Where to Buy Cannabidiol Flower

Once you decide that you want to smoke CBD flower, you can purchase them from marijuana dispensaries, CBD-specific stores or online stores. Cannabidiol flower contains permissible amounts of THC and can be used legally in most states. Online sellers provide high-quality strains of Cannabidiol flower from reputed brands to choose from.

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