Stereogum Premieres Curtin’s Latest Single, “Better Ride”


Stereogum premiered the latest single from Chicago duo Curtin, which features Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen on keys. “You might say “Better Ride” sounds like a ghost being born — a somber slow-glide that eventually descends from sad-eyed alt-country into gorgeous digital static.” Read the full post here.

Curtin’s upcoming album One for the Doghearted is due this summer.

Introducing: Royal Shoals // “Com et Dius” Premieres on Impose!

Royal Shoals Pic
In 2013, Philadelphia’s Royal Shoals paddled out onto a loch and rode the wake of British post-punk back to shore. To be sure, the waves of their jangly and harmonic predecessors still feed the sound on their latest efforts, but now the waves are swiftly breaking upon the East Coast of the US. This sound is driving home from the Jersey Shore with kinetic urgency and somewhere along the trip the crashing of ocean waves gives way and blends with the rhythms of the El, of electricity, and of waves of every sort. In 2014 the Shoals (made up of former members of The Ropers [Teen Beat], Saturday People [Slumberland] and Public Records) will emerge from their annual studio retreat (with sound counselor and fellow traveler, Jeff Ziegler – Wars on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing) and will present five more songs on their upcoming EP (self-titled, 3rd release).
he band did a short interview with Impose that’s up now!  Learn a little bit more about the band and the recording of the EP here.  Stream “Com et Dius” below….

The Deli Premieres Quickly Quietly’s “Daily Echo”


Lautaro, Paul and Aaron started playing music together in 2011. By the end of the year, Quickly Quietly was born and the group’s first EP, Seven, was released. Upon moving to New York City from Argentina Greg joined the group in late 2013. February 2014, Quickly Quietly released their second EP, Falling Beams.
The Quickly Quietly ethos is one based on song, texture, rhythm, and electricity. Quickly Quietly’s uncharacteristic genre of music attracts a variety of listeners to their live shows who won’t be disappointed by a stellar performance. With Lautaro on drums and samples, Paul on bass and keys, Greg on Moog synth and bass and Aaron on guitar and vocals, each member showcases his musicality on two distinct instruments bringing an element of mystery and surprise to every song.
  Read more about the band and their upcoming dates in NYC over at The Deli.  Stream “Daily Echo” below.

Introducing: Walrus, “Balush” Premieres on Impose

Walrus - Glam Returns

Comprised of five members channeling their inner psychedelia, songs range from trance to surf and end in 1967 at the corner of Haight and Ashbury; except these guys live just over the Macdonald Bridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A reincarnation of 60′s psyche-pop if there ever was one, their music will adhere to all levels of inebriation or consciousness. Walrus takes you swiftly into a summer’s daydream you’ll find yourself never wanting to wake up from. Conga’s, simple keys, heavy r&b bass walks, 12 string guitars and falsetto’s all find a home in Walrus.
Formed in 2012 as a basement recording project between two brothers, Walrus has been busy touring, recording and releasing ep’s, singles and splits since they began. Now a five piece, their latest offering Glam Returns was recorded and mixed in Halifax, NS at the Echo Chamber with Charles Austin over the latter half of 2013, and was mastered by Tim Glasgow.

Impose premiered the first single from Glam Returns today.  Stream “Balush” below and then jump over to Impose and read a little interview they did with the band here.

Glue Trip Releases “Lucid Dream”

“Lucid Dream”  SoundCloud Link -

Glue Trip is a Brazilian dream-pop duo, all the songs are written and recorded by Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto at Lucas’ home-studio, the Apartamento 307. They live in a coastal, small city called João Pessoa, northeast of Brazil. Their music is influenced by the tropical weather and scenery of their city. They started making music together in 2012, when they released two tracks (“Tropikaoss” and “Júlio”). These two were experimental and mostly instrumental, with very little vocals. After a short hiatus, they returned to make music in their home studio and released the pop track “Elbow Pain”, which is influenced by the beach, nostalgia and the break up of a relationship. This song proved that they could transform the project into an experimental lab where they could mix pop songs and psychedelic ambiance.

Lucid Dream was their fourth release this year. The idea of melodies and ambience came essentially from a dream. They are influenced by movies, graphic design, trips and everything that surrounds them. Just after releasing Sophie, they released an EP called Just Trippin, this EP is a compilation of 6 songs released in 2013 exclusively on their SoundCloud page. This year, they plan to release Just Trippin on vinyl, plus a new album and music videos.

Just Trippin EP
Release Date: November 2013
1. Elbow Pain
2. La Edad Del Futuro
3. Birds Singing Lies
4. Lucid Dream
5. Sophie
6. Old Blood


Introducing WOOL: “Stars” Premieres on Impose


Read what Impose has to say about it Here.

“Stars” SoundCloud Link –

Haunted memories and crushed relationships play a significant role in the body of work from Raleigh, NC act WOOL. “It felt like this huge empty void I had been feeling was finally being filled, which is what led me to keep writing songs for the project, and eventually record,” shares lead singer and songwriter Troy Hancock. He began the project in 2012 after two years of creative inactivity and his initial songs were an ode to the many dazed, anxious feelings from past experiences.

While in Raleigh, Hancock met Raymond Finn, Zack Oden, and Johnny Hobbs to turn WOOL from a solo project into a full band. After their first official show in November 2012, WOOL built a name for themselves within the local Raleigh scene and eventually booked a short East Coast stint through New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. With a slot at Raleigh’s Hopscotch Music Festival in 2013, WOOL was poised to hit the studio and crank out fresh material. They released their debut EP titled Delta last October, which demonstrated an enormous amount of range between their 90s-influenced aesthetic in the vein of Built to Spill to more devastating shoegaze moments as found on closing track “Bulletin Air.”

On March 18th, WOOL released their latest single “Stars,” a glimpse into a dreamier, more fleshed-out side of the band. With a full-length album slated for a late-summer release, WOOL is ready to push themselves even further. “I feel that my experiences with really struggling and sometimes questioning who I am as an individual eventually got me to a place where I’m confident in myself, in my musical style,” says Hancock. “I do feel like that those themes of self doubt do show up in some of my songs.”

“Stars” – Single



“Hope You Visit Soon, Bro” SoundCloud Link -

“Hope You Visit Soon, Bro” Video Youtube Link –

Alternative & experimental electro pop artist HoneyChrome‘s sound has been compared to that of the Pet Shop Boys with striking vocals and a stage presence of a Michael Jackson/Eminem hybrid born in one of MNDR’s dreams. His high energy, multi-sensory live shows leave you with an ear worms playing through your head long after the show has ended.

After spending 4 years as rapper “Chad D,” in Pennsylvania, Chad Lewine moved to Brooklyn and adorned the moniker HoneyChrome after dreaming of bees. Nope – he wasn’t stung, but stood and watched an entire hive grow and begin to thrive.

HoneyChrome brings love & light through the wormhole via dancing, hyperactive beats, uplifting lyrics and messages of passion & romance. It was only after immersing himself in the underground NYC rave scene that HoneyChrome was re-invigorated with his passion for music & performing. This rebirth can be heard on his debut release, “The Chocolate Album.” – 2014

The Chocolate Album
Release Date: January 24, 20141. 2minsmovinon
3. OUTwithU
4. Love Enough
5. Riddim
6. Fog Machine
7. Love Come Find Me
8. New Age


Official Site

Introducing: JASIA

Cover_Art jasiaListen to “Inverbatim” on SoundCloud Here 
Watch ”Inverbatim” Video on Youtube Here

Jasia is the solo project of classically trained producer Josiah Willows. Having studied classical voice, guitar and violin  performing in orchestras in earlier years, he now spends his time between Melbourne and London recording an album of bass driven electronic beats overlaid with orchestral layers of synthesisers, strings, guitars on a bed of

vocal samples. Influences on his music range from Sigur Ros to Passion Pit and Clams Casino.

“Inverbatim” features a processed vocal sample and 808 beat paired with restrained guitars, heavy sub bass and interlacing layers of stacked vocal melodies in a 5:22 tripartite cycle.The short film accompanying re-imagines the 1979 anti-drug video “Drugs Are Like That” and the 1992 bus safety video “Ghost Rider”  as a commentary on desire and loss in flux.


Introducing: Malatese


Listen to Animal Relief on SoundCloud Here

The following is from Luke Manning’s review of Malatese’s “Animal Relief” from Charlottesville, VA blog Nailgun Media:

Malatese’s most recent EP “Animal Relief” stands as a testament to this; it is their most accomplished set of songs yet. One of the greatest joys in listening to Malatese is their syncretism of disparate elements; they combine the discord of hardcore punk, the funky beats of old school hip hop, and the meditative drone of shoegaze into a singular expression of raw power, a style some listeners have dubbed “trance-punk.” “Weak Stream” recalls the nervous energy of post-punk bands like The Fall or Wire, alternating between moments of evil bass and bursts of frenzied guitar, with Travis Legg’s distinctive howl, somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Thom Yorke, completing the song as a composite of joy and horror. This tension between existential dread and sublime beauty makes up the central narrative of Malatese’s most recent E.P., and maybe even their whole ouvre. The middle track “Twitter Song” casts these themes in the light of a society mediated through technologically-generated sensation. The final song of the bunch, and my personal favorite, “Mega Snoozers” unfolds as a slow-burn ode to ego dissolution. Travis chants/sings the lyrics, “You cut me apart but I won’t change at all” over churning noise and a hypnotic drum beat, bringing to mind a Drums Not Dead -era Liars. On Animal Relief, Malatese manages to distill the incendiary power of their live shows into five new tracks full of haunted ecstasy.

Animal Relief
Release Date: January 5, 20141. Weak Stream
2. Ostrich
3. Twitter Song
4. Exit Through the Window
5. Mega Snoozers