Under the Radar Premieres a New Single from Wolvves


Phoenix garage rockers Wolvves released a new tape titled Go Demon or Go Home in April on Rubber Brother. Check out the single “Home” right now over at Under the Radar, who describe the track as “their tale of a wayward skater punk’s bummer of a homecoming: it sports a thick grunge-like bassline, weed-obsessed lyrics, just-distorted-enough vocals and a tossed off guitar solo that’s downright surf-friendly.”

Cult Following: Meet Your New Messiah, La+ch

Check out the track “You Are My Summer (Feat. Coleman Hell & Jayme)” here

La+ch is a man of few words. The curious producer/multi-instrumentalist prefers to play it low key these days. This is partially due to his desire to have the music to speak for itself, but also due to his complex and tumultuous involvement with a small religious cult in Burnt River, Ontario. Though the official organization was shut down in 1989, a small group continued to operate under the radar. At the age of just 12, La+tch was lured into the community. In 2003 La+ch was exiled from the group and was later forced to re-locate to Toronto to start a new life. While in Toronto, still searching for a communal sense of connectivity, La+ch became a founding member of sideways8 - a creative collective of like-minded musicians, artists, and filmmakers. 

In 2013, sideways8 released their first official album “Stark Raving” by Coleman Hell, a three piece band fronted by La+ch’s brother Coleman Hell, along with La+ch and childhood cohort Dustbuster. The 11-track album quickly grabbed the attention of tastemaker blogs and set Coleman Hell and the sideways8 collective as a creative force to be reckoned with. La+ch provided a new level of sophistication to the group’s electronically produced beats, and paved the way for a refreshing new approach to electronic/pop music.

In February 2014, La+ch along with sideways member Dusbuster released “Hunter” – an ethereal electronic anthem that gained the attention of popular EDM blogs across the web. Tastemaker blog, The Wild Honey Pie dubbed it as “a rare type of dance song that’s just as enjoyable through headphones, blasting on the car stereo or among sweaty masses at a festival”. La+ch and the sideways8 collective quickly followed up with “Venezuala”  - an infectious and quirky gem that gained over 100,000 plays in only three weeks. 

In anticipation of Coleman Hell’s official debut album “Srry Bout Last Night” the sideways8 collective is unleashing “You Are My Summer”, a nostalgic summer anthem, dipped in dreamy, sweltering tones. Bound to ignite a dance party on a hot summer night.

Festival Date

Liverpool International Music Festival Summer Jam
@ Sefton Park
More info here: http://goo.gl/rO2tFj


Introducing: The Yuseddit Brothers // Impose Shares “Metronome”

The Yuseddit Brothers share “Metronome” via IMPOSE.
Stream the debut single on SOUNDCLOUD.

“Observing the illustrious revolution alive in Toronto, meet The Yuseddit Brothers, the musical vehicle of Shane Campbell. A play off the phrase “you said it, brothers,” Campbell creates a brotherly sound that goes with his mystique as an electric one-man-band troubadour. A newcomer to the Canadian indie rock landscape, the fuzz and howl of his sound takes the form of a man that may have spent his whole life rolling along, jumping freight cars and ducking from the conductors, while following his own trail and scoring the soundtrack to his own adventures.”
- Sjimon Gompers (Impose Magazine)


Dots and Dashes shares Purmamarca’s “No Battles”

The UK based Dots and Dashes has kindly shared Purmamarca’s new single “No Battles”.  Jump over to read their kind words and listen to Purmamarca’s sounds HERE.