Hand Eye Records Launch Announced on The Wild Honey Pie

We are proud to announce the launch of Hand Eye Records! Check out the official announcement on The Wild Honey Pie.

The Antiques
The roots of the Antiques begin in Santa Barbara, CA, and stretch down to Los Angeles and Orange County. Joseph Barro (from the Traditionist) has spearheaded the folk rock group as it staked its claim in Southern California years ago, playing shows throughout the southland and up the California coast.

In 2011, Joseph and founding member, Chris Good (drums), combined their efforts with long time friend and singer/ songwriter Brenden Salmon. While pursuing several different musical projects, Brenden migrated from San Francisco to Los Angeles to team up with the pair as the Antiques. The group began playing shows in L.A. and Orange County before recording their first record together: Behind Your Eyes. During the recording process, the group added a fourth member, and longtime friend, Craig Wellick on bass.

The Antiques are currently playing shows, and promoting their release, Behind Your Eyes, available now.

Baobab is the solo project of author / producer Phil Torres. Widely praised by critics for its complex pop stylings, Baobab’s debut album Baobab – written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Torres in his Durham, NC home – weaves densely textured electronic samples into colorful pop melodies, layering vocal harmonies over plucked guitar, mandolin and ukulele. BAYOHBAHB, the project’s second installment, will be released on March 12, 2013.

Four Visions
Four Visions is the moniker and solo bedroom project of 21 year old Daniel Abary based in Brooklyn, NY.

German Error Message
German Error Message began in 2004 as the solo bedroom-recording project of Louisiana native Paul Kintzing.
Composed by Kintzing, and sometimes assisted by friends, German Error Message makes lyrically driven homemade music; delicate walls of sound with personal metaphorical and symbolic lyricism and diverse instrumentation. German Error Message creates songs that exist in a realm of feeling that is all their own.

Glass Hopper
Glass Hopper (San Diego, CA) is the personal project of Cuckoo Chaos guitarist, Jeremy Scott. The two new songs emerged on Glass Hopper’s new release have been formatted for a digital 7” release.